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Easy Life

hey i’m cass, the drummer in easy life. i couldn’t tell you how much i love my BDC kit. it’s been through it all, smashed by me almost every day for a couple of years now. 

it’s the ultimate acoustic drum sound, keith and the team make the most incredible drums man, i really mean that.

it’s like we are one big family at this place, shout-out to mel also. legend. 

bearing all this in mind, they sound great night after night, tour after tour. 

bdc forever man.

"these are some of the best drums i’ve ever played or seen. the finish is top, just like the sound”

Cass's Set Up

Legend Series

  • 22x16 kick drum

  • 8x7 rack tom

  • 10x8 rack tom

  • 14x14 rack tom

  • 10x7 merlin snare

  • 13x4 merlin snare

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