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Gabi King

Declan McKenna

I have been a touring drummer for 5 years and have been working alongside British Drum Company for 4 of them. You really do feel like part of the family and it’s so refreshing knowing that you are working with such a solid and attentive team of people. Not to mention their drums look and sound incredible!

"I use British Drum Company because they give me the exact tone, feel and sound I want to get out of my kit. Their attention to detail in the kit building process is like no other and it shows. Beautiful sounding drums with a whole range of gorgeous finishes."

Gabi's Set up

Tailored Lounge Series 

  • 20 Kick

  • 12 Rack tom

  • 14 Floor tom

  • 16 Floor tom

  • Merlin Snare Drum

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