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LEA was starting his drums at amusement arcade. His potential as metal drummer was already there when he scored highest at one of drum games.

A while later, he started to play real drums with his friends and uploaded his play along featuring songs from X Japan and Galneryus, where he had a chance to see Syu who is a lead guitarist of this band. Not only Galneryus but also, he plays in a band called -ZYGOTE-. 

In 2020, he was introduced British Drum Legend kit and Snares. He soon decided to go along with British Drum. 


LEA's set up 

Legend SE Series

  • 2 Bass Drums(22 x 16), 

  • 1 Floor Tom (16 x 16) 

  • 3 Toms (10 x 7, 12 x 8, 13 x 9)  

  • Icarus snare

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